Talent Concept

The company respects the enterprise spirit of “dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation”, pays attention to the character and ability of employees, requires employees to
have professionalism and pioneering ability, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, has modern management awareness and advocates teamwork spirit. The
company provides a good working environment and development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management. The company develops the common
development of employees and enterprises with the talent concept of “cohesing talents with culture, motivating talents with salary, retaining talents with mechanism, and
creating talents with business”. Progress, the company will be created as a world-class enterprise.

Talent Strategy

Excellent talents are the cornerstone for realizing the strategic goals of the company and the driving force for the sustainable development of the company. The company has a
scientific talent training method, an effective incentive mechanism, a fair competition platform, and a broad career development space, so that every employee can fully reflect
self-worth in our collective and achieve personal career planning and The greatest fit of the company's development goals, employees and the company grow together.

Employing principle

People do their best, do their best, and manage humanities.